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The Open University Law Society (OULS) is the official law society for the Open University. It is an active society and open to all.

The Society is run by both past and present students of the Open University. Our website offers information about the roots of the Society and our current committee, alongside the many benefits of becoming an OULS member and how to join.

The OULS is also passionate about developing its members’ advocacy skills through mooting. Our website contains a substantial amount of information relating to mooting, including what it is, how you can get involved and the events we run.

For the latest OULS news, be sure to browse the News and Articles section of our website. Additionally, you can join us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you receive the latest information right to your newsfeed.

The OULS Constitution and Policies are also available to view in our “Documents” section.

Membership is just £5.00 per year. You can join or renew your membership here.

If you have any questions about the OULS, please contact us.

Latest Articles

A walk for Justice!

19th May, 2016

The London Legal Walk – 16th May 2016 On Monday I embarked on a 10k adventure around London in aid of the London Legal Support Trust, raising money for the poorest people in the community to give them a fair chance of access to justice. This is exactly what our constitution and morals are built upon, however unfortunately not everyone […]

The results are in! Meet your OULS committee for 2016/17.

06th April, 2016

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for this year’s OULS committee. Despite an initially slow start, we received more nominations than in previous years so there was fairly considerable competition this year. A special congratulations and welcome to our new committee: CHAIR – Peter Savory VICE CHAIR  – Sophia Sari SECRETARY – Peter Bell TREASURER – James Hogan SYSTEMS […]

OULS Elections 2016: Nominations

16th March, 2016

Below is the list of nominees for the 2016 OULS committee elections. Click a candidate’s name to read their election statement. An email has been sent to all members with information about how to cast their vote. The deadline for voting is Tuesday 5th April at 6pm. The 2016 AGM will now take place on Friday 8th April. CHAIR Lidia […]

OULS Committee Benefits: Prestige, Power and a Diamond Encrusted Tiara…

13th March, 2016

Ok maybe the tiara is a little far-fetched. However, being a committee member has numerous advantages that are often overlooked by those uninterested in the positions. I for one was very hesitant about nominating myself to be a committee member, as I had only met a few members of the OULS, let alone committee members when election time came around. […]

Lynn Johnson, OU Careers Adviser, speaks to the OULS

13th March, 2016

As a careers adviser at the OU I see my role more akin to that of a career coach and facilitator rather than adviser. Students often have negative experiences of careers advice received from school and can come expecting the careers adviser to ‘tell’ them what they should do or be. It would be lovely for us all if any […]

Mainstream and Alternative Routes to Board the Legal Career Train

13th March, 2016

Whilst some people may have started studying their law degree out of pure interest, most students will have taken the LLB in order to start a career in the legal industry. Not all will complete the LLB, and even those who do may decide that a legal career is not for them. However, taking the right approach to extra-curricular activities […]

Diary of a First Time Mooter: by Sophia Sari

24th February, 2016

Three weeks after starting my LLB with the Open University, I entered the Open University Law Society’s (OULS) internal mooting competition. It was my first attempt at mooting as I had never heard about it before, only after receiving the OULS emails. I decided to give it a shot. As I had missed the OULS mooting workshop, I gathered hints and tips from […]

Want to make a change? Get involved with your Law Society

15th February, 2016

Are you an OU Law student? Do you wonder how you can get involved with your student law society? Or maybe you think your student law society should be offering more to its members? Well, now is the time to get involved and do something about it! The OULS elections are fast approaching and we’re now taking nominations for roles […]

OULS Christmas Party | Manchester | Saturday 5th December 2015

23rd November, 2015

UPDATE! Our choice to cater to those who have requested main OULS events to be held outside of London (Manchester was the most popular in a recent OULS poll) has not been met with enough interest, therefore we have had to cancel the Christmas Party. A decision has been made to keep main events based in London as this has […]

Scarily good fun at the OULS Halloween Party

23rd November, 2015

Saturday 31st October was a busy day for the OULS. Not only did we host a great Internal Mooting Competition at the University of Law in Bloomsbury, but we also hosted a night of murder and mystery in one of Covent Garden’s premier underground venues, The Foundation Bar. The evening’s host (myself, James Sudworth) was fashionably late for every part […]

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