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The Open University Law Society (OULS) is the official law society for the Open University. It is an active society and open to all.

The Society is run by both past and present students of the Open University. Our website offers information about the roots of the Society and our current committee, alongside the many benefits of becoming an OULS member and how to join.

The OULS is also passionate about developing its members’ advocacy skills through mooting. Our website contains a substantial amount of information relating to mooting, including what it is, how you can get involved and the events we run.

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Latest Articles

OULS Mooting Workshops 2018

19th August, 2018

The Open University Law Society is pleased to announce details of this year’s mooting workshops. The events are open to all OULS members and will be held in central London on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018, as well as central Edinburgh on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September. Details of a further mooting workshop expected to take place […]

Why you need to gain shadowing experience and how to get one!

30th July, 2018

Compas Chambers, Edinburgh

  My dear colleagues, I would like to encourage you seek out a shadowing experience at the very beginning of your legal studies. Not all Chambers publicise information about possibilities to get practical experience for law students. The Chamber that I personally recommend for students in Scotland is beautiful Compass Chamber, situated in The Faculty of Advocates Parliament House, Edinburgh, […]

Cryptocurrency and divorce

18th July, 2018

Last year, Catherine Howell (OULS  Reporter, 2016-2017) wrote about cryptocurrencies questioning their place in society and legislation. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Catherine explained that cryptocurrencies are  “a form of digital money which is currently not tied to any centrally regulatory body”.  Bitcoin, divorce and non-disclosure In the past, conversation on cryptocurrencies has been dominated by a focus on tech, criminals […]

Dates announced: OULS  internal mooting competition

04th July, 2018

The OULS Mooting team are pleased to announce the initial details of the OULS  internal mooting competition, now named The Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Award.  The competition, which is open to all OULS members, has been renamed the Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Award in honour of the late Gary Slapper Professor Gary Slapper 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the OU welcoming its […]

Lawyers in government

04th July, 2018

OU graduate, James Coupe, explains what life is life as a Government Legal Department trainee looks like and how his assessment day was structured. Day to day work as a GLD trainee What does the average day in the life of a Government Legal Department (GLD) trainee look like? Honestly, it changes all the time, and I know the experiences […]

The Secret Barrister, Barrister strikes and a £15 million pay out!

30th June, 2018

Criminal barristers have recently taken a vote and accepted a £15 million pay out from the government to stop strikes against the new Advocates Graduate Fee Scheme. To the lay person the offer on the table seems more than reasonable but when things are put into perspective is £15m really enough to right the wrong of our justice system. The […]

Third woman in history appointed to UK Supreme Court

28th June, 2018

The Supreme Court judges as of October 2017

Amongst the three judges appointed to the supreme court yesterday was Lady Justice Arden DBE, who becomes the third woman to be appointed as a Supreme Court judge since its creation in 2009.  Lady Arden will sit alongside Lady Hale, the first woman to be appointed to the role of President of the Supreme Court and the UK’s most senior […]

Walking for justice with the OULS

05th June, 2018

It was 2pm on Monday 21 May 2018 when it started to rain. I have no doubt that, like me,  all the people participating in the  14th annual,  London legal Walk thought as ‘oh bugger!’ Our team, met in a coffee shop to change into our tee shirts before taking on the 10Km walk. Our team comprised of the following OU […]

GDPR and your rights

25th May, 2018


GDPR… I can hear you groan already. You’re sick of the emails. We all are,  I might even be more sick of it than the average person given that my day job is in communications and marketing. I even have one client who refers to it as “Giant D****** Pain in the Rs” – he’s imaginative, I’ll give him that! […]

The rise of ‘Private’ Justice

11th May, 2018

On the 9th May 2018 the Private Prosecutors’ Association (PPA) was officially launched, arising from the fact that private prosecutions are becoming more frequent. The chair of the newly launched PPA highlighted the growth in private prosecutions, and called for a much needed code of conduct for prosecution providers. She said; “We anticipate further growth in this field, given the budget restraints faced […]

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