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The Open University Law Society (OULS) is the official law society for the Open University. It is an active society and open to all.

The Society is run by both past and present students of the Open University. Our website offers information about the roots of the Society and our current committee, alongside the many benefits of becoming an OULS member and how to join.

The OULS is also passionate about developing its members’ advocacy skills through mooting. Our website contains a substantial amount of information relating to mooting, including what it is, how you can get involved and the events we run.

For the latest OULS news, be sure to browse the News and Articles section of our website. Additionally, you can join us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you receive the latest information right to your newsfeed.

The OULS Constitution and Policies are also available to view in our “Documents” section.

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Latest Articles

Tom Bingham Memorial Essay Prize 2018

16th February, 2018

Every year the Tom Bingham Essay Prize provides the opportunity for OU Law Students at all levels to honour the work of the Rt Hon the Lord Bingham of Cornhill (1933-2010), best known for his book ‘The Rule of Law‘. This year is no different, and thanks to Lord Binghams’ former ‘Fountain Court Chambers’ who have sponsored this competition, we […]

Commercial Awareness – Blockchain Technology

31st January, 2018

Last month we wrote about cryptocurrency and its potential effect on the markets. This month we’ll discuss blockchain technology. Blockchain and bitcoin are used interchangeably but they are distinctly different. Bitcoin is a controversial currency and utilises blockchain technology, whereas blockchain technology itself is not so controversial and has a lot more potential reaching out way further than currency. Blockchain […]

Commercial Awareness – Cryptocurrencies

12th January, 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will know cryptocurrencies are dominating the financial news. Even law firms are taking an avid interest in them, and they are a hot topic for an ambitious law student to show off their commercial awareness with. But what is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum […]

The Revolving door of justice: 6th Lord Chancellor in 6 years

11th January, 2018

Following a prolonged cabinet reshuffle early January, a new lord chancellor has been appointed. David Gauke replaces David Lidington as the 6th(!) lord chancellor in as many years. He also represents a return to legally qualified candidates, and is the first solicitor to hold the position. Who is David Gauke? David Gauke achieved his law degree at St Edmund Hall, […]

Commercial Awareness – Big Data

21st December, 2017

When e-receipts in physical stores were introduced I welcoming them, as I was forever losing paper receipts in my handbag. When contactless payment methods were announced I was also happy as they are really convenient when trying to complete a million tasks on my lunch break. However, when I paid for a product recently with my contactless card, I was […]

Introducing Amicus – Internships, training and more

05th December, 2017

What is Amicus? Amicus is a London-based charity that fights for justice on death row by supporting US attorneys on the front line. Support is provided remotely or through internship placements. Why join Amicus? The key benefits to joining Amicus as a student are access to the training and an opportunity to submit articles for publication in the Amicus journal. […]

Are the new Stamp Duty changes a step in the right direction?

28th November, 2017

Commercial awareness is a vital skill for any prospective law graduate. With that in mind it pays to always keep informed of current events and changes in government policy. One major event in which new policies are announced, and on which students should keep an eye on, is the yearly budget. Earlier this month Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the […]

OUSA Student Volunteer Focus Groups

28th November, 2017

Are you a current Volunteer? If the answer is yes, you’re invited to OUSA Student Volunteer Focus Groups! As a valued volunteers, you are encourage you to take part in a Volunteering Research Project and share your views through these focus groups. The discussion will be about your personal experiences of volunteering with the Students Association, so read on and let us know if you […]

Upcoming Mooting opportunities…Don’t miss your chance to get involved!

24th November, 2017

Mooting season is in full bloom and for that reason the mooting coordinators want to let you know of some competitions that you are able to enter yourselves regardless of whether the OULS is entering a team to officially represent the Open University. Whilst coaching cannot be guaranteed it will be offered where possible and even when there is potential […]

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination – Underperforming?

23rd November, 2017

As we know, the proposed SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examination) replacing the LPC will require future solicitor hopefuls to pass a new exam, along with gaining two-years of qualifying experience, in order to legally qualify. The implementation of the reform is full speed ahead and expected to be implemented no earlier than September 2020. But are law firms backing the SQE? Fresh research by the BPP law […]

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