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The Open University Law Society (OULS) is the official law society for the Open University. It is an active and fun society and open to all.

The Society is run by both past and present students of the Open University. Our website offers information about the roots of the Society and our current committee, alongside the many benefits of becoming an OULS member and how to join.

The OULS is also passionate about developing its members’ advocacy skills through mooting. Our website contains a substantial amount of information relating to mooting, including what it is, how you can get involved and the events we run.

For the latest OULS news, be sure to browse the News and Articles section of our website. Additionally, you can join us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you receive the latest information right to your newsfeed.

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Latest Articles

No fault divorce consultation, a step in the right direction?

02nd January, 2019

In a day and age when it is no longer considered sinful to become divorced, the process of divorcing is a lengthy one that can be dragged out over many years. Getting a divorce can cause stress and anxiety not only to the parties directly involved but the families and children surrounding the relationship. When a marriage breaks down to […]

Pupillage applications and interviews: my advice

31st October, 2018

As prospective barristers, we are well accustomed to the health warning attached to pursuing a career at the Bar. With over 3,000 applicants for only ~400 pupillages annually, the competition is fierce and inevitable rejection cruel. Last year, I was able to secure pupillage at my preferred chambers. This article is my attempt to distil what I learned through the […]

The OULS Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Finalists Revealed

14th October, 2018

  This year I have been given the pleasure of announcing the four finalists for the OULS internal Mooting Competition. Sarah Foster who after completing her LLM is now commencing the BPTC;  Sarah Couling currently in her third and final year of studying for her LLB; Harrie Austin-Jones who is a second year student and finally Elise Graham, Elise who […]

Should A & E receptionists owe a duty of care to patients?

14th October, 2018

  On Wednesday 10th October 2018, the judgement in a case involving a member of the public and an NHS trust, was finally brought to an end in the Supreme Court, with a decision that whilst not a landmark decision, definitely shouts home the important roles every person within the NHS plays.   The Facts In May 2010 the claimant […]

Inns of Court. What they are and will they benefit me?

13th October, 2018

Unless you have been in the circle or have done your research, the term ‘Inns of Court’ might seem somewhat daunting and confusing. Until I started studying the law I thought this was a posh word for a court house! How wrong could I be? In order to be called to the bar you must be a member of one […]

Arbitrary and international arbitration – one of the alternative dispute resolution

30th September, 2018

My dear colleagues I would like to return to my research about alternative dispute resolutions. This time I would like to introduce arbitrary as a potential solution in conflict situations. Personally, I think being familiar with arbitration it is very important especially for us law students. As we all think about our areas of specialisation and our graduate employment. Alternative dispute resolutions […]

OULS Mooting Workshops 2018

19th August, 2018

The Open University Law Society is pleased to announce details of this year’s mooting workshops. The events are open to all OULS members and will be held in central London on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018, as well as central Edinburgh on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September. Details of a further mooting workshop expected to take place […]

Why you need to gain shadowing experience and how to get one!

30th July, 2018

Compas Chambers, Edinburgh

  My dear colleagues, I would like to encourage you seek out a shadowing experience at the very beginning of your legal studies. Not all Chambers publicise information about possibilities to get practical experience for law students. The Chamber that I personally recommend for students in Scotland is beautiful Compass Chamber, situated in The Faculty of Advocates Parliament House, Edinburgh, […]

Cryptocurrency and divorce

18th July, 2018

Last year, Catherine Howell (OULS  Reporter, 2016-2017) wrote about cryptocurrencies questioning their place in society and legislation. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Catherine explained that cryptocurrencies are  “a form of digital money which is currently not tied to any centrally regulatory body”.  Bitcoin, divorce and non-disclosure In the past, conversation on cryptocurrencies has been dominated by a focus on tech, criminals […]

Dates announced: OULS  internal mooting competition

04th July, 2018

The OULS Mooting team are pleased to announce the initial details of the OULS  internal mooting competition, now named The Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Award.  The competition, which is open to all OULS members, has been renamed the Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Award in honour of the late Gary Slapper Professor Gary Slapper 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the OU welcoming its […]

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