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The Open University Law Society (OULS) is the official law society for the Open University. It is an active society and open to all.

The Society is run by both past and present students of the Open University. Our website offers information about the roots of the Society and our current committee, alongside the many benefits of becoming an OULS member and how to join.

The OULS is also passionate about developing its members’ advocacy skills through mooting. Our website contains a substantial amount of information relating to mooting, including what it is, how you can get involved and the events we run.

For the latest OULS news, be sure to browse the News and Articles section of our website. Additionally, you can join us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you receive the latest information right to your newsfeed.

The OULS Constitution and Policies are also available to view in our “Documents” section.

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If you have any questions about the OULS, please contact us.

Latest Articles

Government Legal Service – Careers Start Here!

04th October, 2017

With so many career paths available to law graduates, many students have no idea what avenue they wish to take after leaving University with their LLB’s. However, a smaller cohort know that they specifically want to be a barrister, solicitor, human rights activist, corporate lawyer or indeed work within the public sector. If you are one of those who knows […]

Mooting Selection Day – 14th October 2017

03rd October, 2017

  If you are an aspiring mooter, this is your chance to get involved in competitive mooting with the OU during this academic year. The full details are available here, the content of which will guide you through the various ways in which you can participate in an external mooting event whilst officially representing the OU.     Whether you […]

Mooting Workshop London 2017 – A review from the Chair

20th September, 2017

  Since the formation of the OULS in 2010, it has grown to become one of the largest University Law Societies in the UK in part due to the mooting facilities that it offers OU students. After years of hard work and impressive results, the OULS has become a formidable mooting force, revered among the more traditional ‘campus based’ university […]

How to follow the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

20th September, 2017

  The law is confusing at times, it is complex and it changes rapidly, as students we know this. And as a new academic year approaches us, you may find it difficult to designate enough time to keep up to date with what is going on in the real world. One thing you will want to keep up to date […]

Is qualifying as a solicitor through the paralegal route a good option for OU law students?

20th September, 2017

For those who are not aware of the ‘Paralegal Shortcut’ to becoming a qualified solicitor, check out this great article on Lawyer 2B: Equivalent means: how I qualified as a solicitor without a training contract.   As with any debate, there are pros and cons for each side, so it is a matter of weighing up each side and seeing […]

Mooting Workshops and Selection Day 2017

28th August, 2017

Mooting – where law students argue real points of law in a simulated court-room environment – is an increasingly important part of the law student’s CV. The OULS team of experienced mooters can help you to understand the basics of what mooting is, why it is so important for students and what benefits it can bring to participants. The OULS […]

The Open University is proposing a drastic remodel of its operations

03rd July, 2017

The remodel comes about with the intention of it improving the future service it will provide to its students. Mr Horrocks, Vice-Chancellor, states “we want to transform the University of the Air envisaged by Harold Wilson in the 1960s to a University of the Cloud, a world-leading institution which is digital by design and has a unique ability to teach […]

From Open University to….Virtual University?

03rd July, 2017

The Open University has always been at the forefront of technology use in education. All members of the OULS will have experienced the way in which, through online course or interactive media, new and innovative methods have been developed by the OU law school to better enhance our legal education. Could Virtual lectures and classrooms be the next step? Students […]

Fears of legal talent drain post Brexit

25th June, 2017

It has been a year since it was voted by the nation to leave the European Union. It is now being said that City firms are worrying about fresh legal talent will not be coming to the UK anymore and will start looking elsewhere. Jonathan Kembery, chair of the professional rules and regulation committee of the City of London Law […]

My visit to court and why you should do the same!

24th June, 2017

As law students I recommend you go and see court trials to see how they work, and what a court room looks like. It is not difficult to get there, you just need to plan your time carefully and simply not be too shy to ask as many questions as you need to get the relevant information. For example, I […]

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