A walk for Justice!

The London Legal Walk – 16th May 2016

On Monday I embarked on a 10k adventure around London in aid of the London Legal Support Trust, raising money for the poorest people in the community to give them a fair chance of access to justice. This is exactly what our constitution and morals are built upon, however unfortunately not everyone can afford justice when it is deserved.

I started the day with some toast and a bit of Monday negativity, struggling to see how I could possible walk over 6 miles after such a busy weekend. My attitude soon changed when I arrived at The Law Society, Carey Street and completed registration. The lady at the registration desk was most sympathetic to me for doing the walk alone, but I said that as long as I have some good music and people to chat to along the way I will be just fine! The atmosphere was great and there were various food and drink stalls along with musicians who gave the street a carnival party vibe (the live band were playing ABBA which just increased my mood and I instantly felt ready to go)!

The London Legal Walk - Sophie Terrington, May 2016

– The London Legal Walk – Sophie Terrington, May 2016 –

I joined the crowd and we all set off. It was a great feeling knowing that I was one of 10,600 people all walking for the same cause, knowing that without everyone there these charities would really struggle to provide the flawless services that they do.  The route was beautiful and the day couldn’t have been better. Before I knew it I’d walked past Embankment, Westminster and had ended up at Buckingham Palace; thank goodness there was a huge crowd in front of me because I can’t follow a map to save my life! I heard a steward saying that we had already completed 2. I took the ‘2’ to mean ‘2 miles’, thinking ‘thank god there were only 4 and a bit more to go’, but sadly she meant 2k meaning that there were another 8 kilometres just waiting to be walked! The walkers could not have wished for better weather, the sun was shining and there was just enough breeze to keep you from passing out! I got offered to join a group who were treating the walk as a pub crawl and as tempting as this sounded I soon remembered that it was a Monday and I wanted to get this finished and get home to revise (sigh)! The best part of the walk was through St James’ Park and Hyde Park as the scenery was beautiful, I met lots of great companies and chambers and more importantly some fantastic dogs all walking for justice! One dog had a t-shirt on with the slogan “Save Our Human Rights Act” which was the highlight of the event for me! It was also the perfect opportunity to spread the word about the OULS and what we do, the feedback I got was entirely positive as always.

On behalf of the OULS I raised £253.64 (and my fundraising page is still open if anyone feels generous enough to contribute to the worthwhile cause), so thank you to all those who sponsored me. As a whole, the event raised over £350,000 at the time of counting (16th May 2016). What a truly fantastic event for a great cause, I definitely recommend taking part should you find yourselves in London this time next year and hopefully the weather will be just as good!

Donations will still be accepted on Sarahs fundraising page for a short time, here.


Written by Sophie Terrington – OULS Careers Coordinator



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