Boris Johnson – Good Prime Minister or Joker of the Pack?

Stop Press – The UK has a new Prime Minister

Now when it comes to Boris Johnson he is a bit like marmite, you either love him or hate him. But when it came down to the final two candidates, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, did the right person win? This is a question that cannot truly be answered at this time as no-one knows. However, this is what we know about our new prime minister so far.

His entrance into No.10 did not go as smoothly as Boris or his entourage had hoped due to climate protestors blocking the way. These were moved swiftly on.

Next came the meeting of the Queen where she invited Mr Johnson to form a government which he duly accepted. Now everyone’s opinion is different but on looking at the photos, this was not what I feel is a picture of a queen dismayed by the sight of the person standing in front of her asking to be her Prime Minister, but one of how I would envisage a grandmother speaking to her grandson bearing a very rare smile.  

On his arrival at Downing Street Mr Johnson stepped outside to address his nation. No matter what you think of the man, his speech was one of which clarified his stance of the trouble the UK is in, and how the only way to get through these troubles from Brexit, to stabbings on our London streets to social care, is for the 4 nations to stand united. As one.

Mr Johnson pledged as he stood on the steps of his new home that he would ‘fulfil the promises of the people, as the people are his bosses, he pledged to put an extra 20,000 police offices onto our London streets, to tackle social care, the three week wait to see a GP and to up per person funding for schools’. His speech also laid down the fact that for too long, Prime Ministers have hidden behind their cabinet (and I am not talking about the one housing grandma’s crockery) and in Mr Johnsons words “The Buck Stops Here” [1]

Mr Johnson’s first job as PM was to surround himself in a cabinet (again to clarify not the glass one), whom he believed in, and, in return, believed in him. Many have described Mr Johnson’s decisions as less like a cabinet re-shuffle but more of a new government. In total 15 MPs have either left or have been sacked from position.  Mr Johnson’s new cabinet is the most ethnically diverse cabinet of our times and one of the youngest. According to The Telegraph newspaper almost one in five of Mr Johnson’s cabinet is from an ethnic minority background. Mr Johnson has 8 women in his cabinet which is again a record high. [2] Many have called Mr Johnson racist and misogynistic. However I think the statistics of his diverse cabinet speak for itself.  Mr Johnson’s cabinet can be criticised as many have only ever attended private schools.

As a fun fact – Eton Boys will be disappointed Mr Johnson’s entrance to No.10 did not come earlier or later as it is a long standing tradition that every time an Etonian becomes PM they get a full days holidays. [3] Sorry lads!

Mr Johnson had a busy first day in Parliament which is also the last day of Parliament for MPs as they break up for the summer holidays. However I suspect there will be no summer vacation for our new PM as when MPs return in September there will be a little over 8 weeks before the 31st October arrives and a decision will need to have been made on the UK’s stance over Brexit – something Mr Johnson is dedicated to delivering before this date – with or without a deal.

Mr Johnson’s first day dealt with matters from all different sectors as MPs fired questions at the PM to help them in their projects. Questions included: housing, universal credits and giving Southend-On-Sea city status.

Before the beginning of session Mr Johnson addressed Parliament for the first time. As Robert Courts MP described, Mr Johnson’s speech was “A historic speech full of energy, optimism & resolve, of pride in our wonderful country & a passionate defence”  [4]

Whilst this is just a brief summary of Mr Johnson’s first week as Britain’s new Prime Minister, he has definitely made an impact and is out to prove the doubters wrong with his can do attitude and his stance to prove that Britain can be great again.

All that is left for me to say in this article is whilst Mr Johnson has been branded a Joker in the past he may just be what this country needs at a time of uncertainty. As the rules state, when anyone needs to win a hand they always plays his joker…. Welcome to the game Mr Johnson!

Written By: Victoria-Jayne Scholes






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