Bristol Social Meet-Up Review

Bristol Social Meet-Up Review


Social meet-ups have been notoriously difficult to organise for OULS members. After taking into account polls, demographics, word of mouth and location requests at other events, setting up social events has thus far produced low numbers of attendees. Bristol was no different and although ‘committee members’ outweighed ‘OULS members 3-1’, Bristol was perhaps one of the most fun social events yet!

Any event that advertises ‘laser-tag and beers’ is always going to provide fun times, however the OULS systems administrator (Sarah Couling), vice chair (Sophia Sari) and myself had never met our only attendee Kofi therefore had no idea how the day was going to pan out (although a few 3pm shots of Sambuca should have provided an indication). Kofi was running late which provided us three veterans some time to catch up and get quite tipsy at Bristols’ The Bank Tavern. By the time we made our way to meet Kofi from the bus, we were already a few drinks down.

Bristol Social 1 OULS News Editor – James Sudworth

Sporting my beautiful pink little number, we met Kofi at the bus stop and headed to a local bar to interrogate the newcomer. Kofi informed us that he didn’t really drink (that soon changed). He had also never played laser-tag (that also changed).

By the time we made it to Laser Fusion for our 2 games of laser tag, we were all best buddies. 2 games later, we were all enemies! It is about now that I point out that an OULS core principles is to condone fairness and inclusion of all. We embrace everyone and do everything in our power to put OULS members’ feelings and needs above our own… However NOT whilst playing laser-tag! I won’t lie, I completely dominated everyone. A small boy and his mother were playing, and I put them both in the ground (not literally).

Laser Tag ResultsLaser Tag Score Cards


After some mild gloating, we all decided that I was far too good at shooting children with laser guns, and headed to Jongleurs comedy club (via some watering holes) to watch some funny acts, and get a bit too involved in the hole ‘heckling’ process. After Sophie and I had a long chat with a fellow Law Student working behind the bar, Sarah polished off every shot she could smell and Kofi wondered how on earth he managed to land himself in the middle of 3 raving lunatics for the evening. After which, we headed off to another pub (repeat ‘ad infinitum’).

As the moon poked his head through the clouds, Kofi made his way home by bus, leaving Sarah, Sophia and I to sing our hearts away in a private room at a local Chinese restaurant with a Karaoke bar above.

All-in-all we had a very ‘quiet, respectable and educational’ social event, once again…


If you like the idea of getting away from the academic side of your law degree and fancy meeting students who [when sober] can help assist you with your studies and meet you for some positive encouragement, then please contact to register your interest in attending an OULS social event near you.


Written by James Sudworth – OULS News Editor



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