Dates announced: OULS  internal mooting competition

The OULS Mooting team are pleased to announce the initial details of the OULS  internal mooting competition, now named The Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Award. 

The competition, which is open to all OULS members, has been renamed the Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Award in honour of the late Gary Slapper

Professor Gary Slapper

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the OU welcoming its first ever intake of law students in 1998. The Law School itself was founded later that year, headed by renowned academic, the late Gary Slapper, who became the OU’s first ever Professor of Law – he remained in the post until 2011.

Professor Gary Slapper

Professor Slapper said of law – Law is often portrayed as boring – actually it’s fascinating and knowing the law is empowering.  It’s a subject that permeates into every cell of social life. Law governs everything from the embryo to exhumation. Law regulates the air we breathe, the food and drink that we consume, our travel, sexuality, family relationships, our property, sport, science, employment, education, and health, everything in fact from neighbour disputes to war.

Gary also had a ‘Weird Cases’ column in the Times newspaper showing a constant run of extraordinary and bizarre cases with later ones including whether you can sell your soul on the internet, a court order which forbade a man from laughing in public, a lawyer who tried to use quotations from the film The Hangover in arguing for his drunken client and the question of whether a vibrating condom is technically a contraceptive or a sex toy.

Sadly Professor Slapper died in December 2016. Because of the profound and life changing opportunities that he has made possible for all Open University law students, the OULS has decided to honour his well-known passion for widening access to legal study, law and social justice. We have therefore dedicated our annual internal competition to his memory and with permission from his wife Suzanne, the OULS internal moot will now be named The Gary Slapper Memorial Mooting Award and it is open to all members of the OULS

2018 Internal Mooting Competition details

The Original Moot Problem and full rules will be available from tomorrow (5th July).  Please find an overview of the competition below.

Competition format

In the first round, participants will be required to submit a skeleton argument which must cover both grounds for either the Appellant or Respondent. Abigail and Jennifer will score these submissions and the top 32 participants will be invited to take part in the second round – the semi-final. The top 16 mooters will go through to the third round which will take place in Central London on 25th August. Four finalist will be selected following the third round. They will  take part in the final in Central London (date to be confirmed).

All mooters are judged as individuals throughout the competition and so there is no need to find a partner.

In the first round and semi-final, mooters will use a closed bundle, i.e. a list of authorities will be provided and submissions must rely on these and these alone. No additional research is required and authorities which are not included in the bundle cannot be used.


Thursday 5th July – OMP and rules released
Wednesday 18th July (23.59) – Deadline for submissions
Sunday 22nd July – Entrants notified of outcome
Saturday 4th August –  Second round takes place in Central London. 16 semi-finalists announced.
Saturday 25th August –  Third round takes place in Central London. Finalists announced.

We are currently finalizing details of the Grand Final, which will be held in Central London. We will ensure that the date set for this is convenient for all finalists.

How to enter

If you would like to enter, or would like further information, please contact the mooting team. We will provide the OMP, bundle, and rules to all those who request them up to and including 18th July.


Abigail and I are pleased to invite all OULS members to come along to watch the semi-final and join us for one of our legendary OULS socials afterwards! If you would like to book a place to spectate on 4th August, please contact the mooting team.
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