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The calendar below includes events organised by the OULS as well as events organised by other bodies which may be of interest to OULS members.

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Friday 18th January 2019: BPTC Applications Deadline – closes at noon

The closing deadline for first-round applications is 17 January 2018. and offers will be sent out from 7 March 2018. Applications for a place on the BPTC must be made through the central BarSAS system.

Thursday 7th February 2019: Pupillage Applications Deadline – closes at 11am

Around half of pupillages can be applied for via the Pupillage Gateway, which will close on 7 February 2019. Offers are then made on or after 7th May 2019, so get your applications in quickly!

Saturday 15th June 2019: OU Law Careers Day, Milton Keynes Campus

The Open University and the University of Law will be holding a careers day for law students on Saturday 15th June 2019 at the Open University’s campus at Milton Keynes. The purpose of the Careers Day is to help undergraduate Law students (LLB) understand the range of careers open to them once they have completed their degree and to help them understand the steps required to achieve these career goals.

Further information will be provided about this event nearer the time.

TBC 2019 – OULS Internal Gary Slapper Mooting Competition Grand Final

The Grand Final of the Gary Slapper Mooting Competition is still being arranged, however once arranged, the four successful finalists will battle it out for our coveted award. Further information will be provided once a convenient location and date for all finalists has been arranged.


Wednesday 17th January 2018: Change100 Digital Information & Support Session , Online

Tuesday 23rd January 2018: Quick Queries Careers Forum, Online

Wednesday 31st January 2018: Careers in Criminology, Online

Thursday 15th February 2018: GradIreland ‘ Live’! – Dublin, Ireland

Friday 16th February 2018: Reed Smith Open Days – London

Saturday 24th February 2018: Global Animal Education and Law Conference – Leicester

Saturday 24th February 2018: Skills event for LPC students and graduates – Leeds

Wednesday 18th April 2018: ‘A Career in Law – Becoming a Solicitor with GLS’ – Online

Wednesday 25th April 2018: ‘A Career in Law – Becoming a Barrister’ – Online

Monday 30th April 2018: Fletchers Solicitors Apprenticeship Scheme – Deadline

Thursday 3rd May 2018: Kalisher Scholarship Trust Internship – Deadline

Saturday 30th June 2018: The Open University & The University of Law Legal Careers Day – London

Saturday 4th August 2018: First Round of the OULS Internal Mooting Competition, London

Saturday 25th August 2018: Second Round of the OULS Internal Mooting Competition, London

Weekend of 8th and 9th September 2018: OULS Mooting Workshop, London

Weekend of 22nd and 23rd September 2018: OULS Mooting Workshop, Manchester

Weekend of 29th and 30th September 2018: OULS Mooting workshop Edinburgh

Saturday 13th October 2018: OULS Mooting Selection Day, London

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