How to follow the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill


The law is confusing at times, it is complex and it changes rapidly, as students we know this. And as a new academic year approaches us, you may find it difficult to designate enough time to keep up to date with what is going on in the real world. One thing you will want to keep up to date with is the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, so here is a list of useful links you should save and bookmark which will help you stay in the loop.

This website will show the progress of the Bill and contains relevant links to parliamentary materials. It has the actual Bill, which has 19 clauses, it also has the schedules which are more substantial. The Explanatory Notes have a lot more depth but are not part of the Bill (treat it more as a guide, unless you have a special interest in European law and the time to read it from A to Z).

For anyone who studied W203 last year, you may recognise the author Professor Mark Elliott. He is an incredible expert on constitutional law and is legal adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution. Above is a link to his blog, which will also regularly be updated with his commentary on the progress of the Bill.


Written by:
Catherine Howell – OULS  Reporter




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