GDPR and your rights


GDPR… I can hear you groan already. You’re sick of the emails. We all are,  I might even be more sick of it than the average person given that my day job is in communications and marketing. I even have one client who refers to it as “Giant D****** Pain in the Rs” – he’s imaginative, I’ll give him that!

However sick you might be of receiving the ‘update your preferences’ emails, GDPR legislation will effect your daily life. From how your data is managed and protected, to your right to erasure, GDPR legislation will control who can see your personal information. That’s not just your email address; it could also be your postal address, your date of birth and even the right to recognize your face online!

In a digital world, where data is currency and where our digital rights are as important as any others, the current flurry of GDPR emails is worth your attention. So, as laborious as the approach may be, take the opportunity to re-read what you’ve signed up for before re-consenting, or not, to the organizations who’ve contacted you.

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Written by

Harriet Trevor-Allen – OULS News Editor

Header image credit: Cyber Sec Observatory


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