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There are many ways to get involved in mooting  – you certainly don’t have to go straight in at the deep end if you’re unsure. From researching, observing and socialising to organising events and competitions, there’s plenty to get involved in without ever addressing a judge.

If you want to try your hand at mooting, you could attend the annual OULS mooting workshops to learn about courtroom etiquette, legal research, constructing skeletons and creating case summaries.

Armed with your new knowledge, you might then progress onto the annual OULS Internal Mooting Competition, which is judged by champion OU mooters and often a visiting barrister or solicitor acting as a moot judge. These events are designed to give you confidence: feedback is constructive and aimed at improving your all round advocacy skills.

If you feel you have a real flair for advocacy and want a greater challenge still, then you might choose to apply for a place on one of the official OULS mooting teams. These teams represent the OU in national intervarsity competitions, such as the ICLR, OUP/BPP and ESU/Essex Court moots, with moot judges ranging from solicitors and barristers through to High Court judges.

Mooting is a fantastic activity to get involved in, regardless of whether you compete, observe, research or organise. Start getting involved as soon as you can!

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