Is your brain like the Bermuda Triangle? How not to get lost in revision

Revision stress

Does information go into your head and never come out? Exam season is coming and many of us will be getting ready for the big day. People have all sorts of ways of learning and revising, and there is no right or wrong way. The best way is whichever way works for you!

In my first year of my Open University Law degree, a tutor told me to file all the information in filing cabinets in my mind and bring them out one at a time as I needed them. Being dyslexic I had a hard time finding the filing cabinets let alone getting them open! So, for anyone out there like me, who is struggling with their filing cabinets, here are a few tips that may help along the way.

A revision technique that works well for me (but which may not for anyone who likes to see their doors, walls or wallpaper!), is strategically placing revision posters around the house. I take A4 pieces of paper and write on them key concepts and statute law and the representing case law, along with eye-catching photos. These are all placed in places according to word association. For example the court hierarchy goes up my stairs with the lowest court at the bottom and the highest at the top.

Someone I shared these tips with last year came back to me later to say that Dicey’s Theory was now in his dishes drawer! The back of the toilet doors is another great place – anywhere you look at on a regular basis is a good place. Then, when you’re in the exam room you can walk around your house in your mind, until you find the piece of information you need.

I also try to make the pictures as entertaining as possible. Not only does this help me with remembering but it gives my visitors to my house no end of amusement!

If, like me, you are also doing two modules you can split these up. I currently have contract and Tort Law upstairs and Land Law downstairs. You can look outside the house, you can put things up around your desk at work (so long as your boss approves of course!)

Another technique people use is to record the materials you want to learn and play them in the car (but please remember the law people!) or on the train. If there is a certain statute law you are having difficulty remembering record it on to your phone or any other device you are confident in using and keep playing it back. Just one piece of different information per day can make a huge difference once in the exam room.

Revision does not have to be a chore, make it as fun and exciting as possible, get friends family work colleagues involved and you’ll see the amazing amount you can actually retain.


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Victoria-Jayne Scholes – OULS  Reporter


Victoria-Jayne Scholes


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