Kim Kardashian Embarks on New Legal Career

Kim Kardashian has recently revealed that she is studying to become a lawyer and plans to sit her bar exam in 2022. Although she does not have a university degree, Kim is able to pursue her legal dreams as the state of California does not require aspiring lawyers to have a law degree to sit their bar exams.

Over the next few years, Kim will be completing a four-year legal apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm and at the same time will also be studying for a minimum of 18 hours a week – a workload very similar to that of Open University Law students undertaking a 60-credit module per year as part of their degree. She will also have to complete regular written tests and was recently seen arriving to take a tort exam in LA.

Clutching a pile of lever arch files, a large rucksack and dressed in a comfy hoodie and joggers, Kardashian resembled any typical student; the only obvious giveaway to her multi-millionaire status was her $100,000 Birkin bag, a far cry from your usual student’s fashion budget.

So, what precisely has fuelled Kim K’s sudden interest in the law? Her move is unlikely to be motivated by monetary gain as she is already a very wealthy celebrity and household name who enjoys a rather luxurious lifestyle. According to Forbes magazine, she has an estimated net worth of $350 million[1].

So, what is behind her new found calling? Kim has been helping to secure the freedom of 17 first-time nonviolent drug offenders serving life sentences. She even visited President Trump at the White House as part of her lobbying for the release of a 63-year old woman, Alice Marie Johnson, who had spent two decades in prison for non-violent drug trafficking. Johnson’s sentence was commuted one week after Kardashian’s visit.

Kim was recently reported to have told Vogue magazine that while sitting alongside judges and lawyers during her lobbying, she felt the urge to brush up on her knowledge of the law and to educate herself further[2]. So much so that she decided to start out on the long path to becoming a lawyer.

Despite her rather impressive financial assets, Kim does have quite a few things in common with a number of Open University Law students. Firstly, at 37 she’s a mature career changer and secondly, she’s also a working mum to four young children, faced with making time in her already busy schedule to study the Law part-time alongside a list of other commitments. Thirdly, like many OU students, Kim will also be sitting exams in June (for the baby bar exam). Could Kim Kardashian become an unlikely source of inspiration for budding Open University lawyers striving to break into the profession?

At any rate, she can certainly talk the talk: according to Kim “there is nothing that should limit your pursuit of your dreams”[3]. Perhaps a motto that could be particularly useful for OU student’s currently seeking training contracts or chasing a pupillage to remember…

Written By Karen Evans





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