Moot! Moot! Moot!

Moot! Moot! Moot!

Please listen carefully; I will say this only once…

If you are an aspiring mooter, this is your last chance to get involved in competitive mooting with the OU until next year. The following article – more like a FAQ page – will guide you through the various ways in which you can participate in a mooting event.

Application to compete in external mooting competitions with the OU

Each year, the OULS sends teams to compete with teams from other universities in external mooting competitions, often referred to as inter-varsity mooting competitions. To put yourself forward for a chance to represent the Open University at one of these competitions you must complete the External Mooting Application Form 2016-17 and send it to by Sunday 11th September – the application form can be found here.


Mark Baldwin & Ashley Guest


The majority of you are paid-up members of the OULS already; however, if you have not yet paid the membership fee of £5 for this year, you must do so before returning the application form. It is imperative that you have paid the £5 membership fee this year, as applications by students who are not registered OULS members will not be considered. You can become a member of the OULS here.

So you’ve submitted the application form – what next?

Once you have submitted the application form, the mooting coordinators – Gwyn and Mark – will sift through the forms and invite 16 prospective mooters to attend the selection day on the 17th September. The lucky 16 will be notified on Tuesday 13th September. It is important to realise that due to the limited number of external competitions in which the OU can participate, only 16 applicants will be invited to the selection day on the 17th.

Amy Woolfson, Lord Carnwath and Abigail Scott

Amy Woolfson, Lord Carnwath and Abigail Scott

What’s the selection day for? 

It’s really a chance for Gwyn and Mark – the mooting coordinators – to provide coaching, guidance and feedback to 16 novice mooters, in order to be in a better position to make an informed decision when pairing people for the external competition, based on their advocacy skills, adaptability, presentation and much more. This pool of applicants will be added to the established pool of mooters, who will go on to represent the OU in external competitions. If you are one of the 16 prospective mooters invited to the selection day on the 17th you will be expected to moot opposite sides of the same ground of appeal. The details of the moot problem (Eve v Northshire County Council) have been sent to those expressing an interest in the selection day already, but for further information, and to receive the moot bundle if you have not received it already, please email before noon on Friday 9th September.

Does attendance at the selection day guarantee a place on a mooting team representing the OU in external competitions?

The short answer is no. If you are invited to the selection day you are not automatically guaranteed a place on the teams representing the OU in inter-varsity competitions. At the same time, non-attendance does not preclude you from representing the OU in inter-varsity competitions. As long as you submit your application form by the deadline of Sunday 11th September, you will be considered to compete in external mooting competitions.

I’ve not been invited to the selection day – is that the end of my mooting opportunities? 

Once again, the short answer is no. As the number of places at the selection day are so limited, the majority of students will be looking for other ways in which to get involved in mooting. There are competitions that students can enter under their own steam (i.e. without going through OULS), examples include the Times 2TG competition and the National Speed Mooting Competition, which we’ll tell you more about nearer the time.

Also, look out for the mooting events in January. There will be more on this in the coming months so keep referring back to the OULS website for further details.

Plenty of fun, food and opportunities to network.

A selection of hardened OULS mooting veterans

A final point

Having personally experienced the mooting workshop in Edinburgh, I can attest to the great enthusiasm which Gwyn and Mark bring to mooting. I would highly recommend getting involved, even if you don’t end up being invited to the selection day; look at the other competitions mentioned above and ask for guidance from the OULS mooting team along the way. They are here to support you, offer advice and help you with your interest in advocacy. Honestly, they don’t bite!


Written by Jamie Scott Wright – OULS News Reporter

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