Mooting Workshop London 2017 – A review from the Chair


Since the formation of the OULS in 2010, it has grown to become one of the largest University Law Societies in the UK in part due to the mooting facilities that it offers OU students. After years of hard work and impressive results, the OULS has become a formidable mooting force, revered among the more traditional ‘campus based’ university law societies (indeed the academic and legal profession).


This year, two new Mooting Coordinators were voted into their roles as ‘Master of the Moots’ and ‘Mistress of the Moots’ – Michael Linnane and Jennifer Wharton respectively. Both will be, and have been, giving 110% to keep the OULS’ mooting reputation on top of the pedestal on which it sits. First on the agenda during the 2017/2018 term, was the organisation of not one, not two, but three mooting workshops up and down the UK.


This past weekend, saw the London Workshop take place at a regular venue of the OULS – the University of Law, Moorgate. Unfortunately, on Friday 15th September, a bomb was detonated at Parsons Green Station, therefore due to this suspected terror attack, we received quite a few last minute cancelations. However, for those 12 who braved the trip to London, a fun and interesting weekend was in store!



DAY 1:

The weekend started off with myself giving an introduction to the OULS, after which point Jennifer and Michael took over to run the mooting workshop. With events and ‘split groups’ planned for 20+ people, a frantic re-arrangement and re-organisation on the day lead to a ‘single classroom’ style education on the basics of mooting followed by a mooting demonstration, followed by a chance for everyone to practice their court etiquette, procedure and present their oral submissions.


After business closed for the day, almost all of the attendees headed to the local All Bar One cocktail bar around the corner from the University for the OULS social. After a few pints of beer, cocktails and glasses of prosecco, we made it back to our hotels (some much later than others) for some much needed rest before Day 2!



DAY 2:

Arriving bright and early, I was in a perfect position to watch the dreary eyed, slightly worse for wear attendees arrive in time for the commencement of Day 2. With bottles of water on standby, Jennifer and Michael once again re-arranged and re-organised the day ‘on the fly’, to better suit the needs of the reduced number of attendees. Day 2 was planned to be more practical than Day 1, and sure enough each attendee did an amazing job of researching and writing their own skeleton arguments.


As a treat for the attendees, Mark Baldwin and Ann-Marie O’Neil were invited down to London for Day 2, in order to provide insights into their mooting successes, as well as to provide advice and help the attendees throughout the day. In the afternoon, all attendees were given the opportunity to present their skeleton arguments and oral submissions to Mark and Ann-Marie, who acted as judges in a live court setting. Remarkably, most of the attendees plucked up the courage to present their submissions, and in return were provided with great feedback on their performances.




All’s Well That Ends Well:

For those who attended the Mooting Workshop in London, it is all over. However, there is to be no rest for the OULS team and members who are attending the Manchester Workshop this weekend (23rd-24th September), or the Edinburgh Workshop the weekend after (30th September – 1st October). Attendees are in for a refined and polished experience, as well as more time to have fun with other students at the correlating social events.


Mooting is fantastic fun, a great thing for employers to see on your future CV, and a pre-requisite for any anticipated career at the bar, therefore, if you have not yet registered your attendance at either the Manchester or Edinburgh Workshops, do so NOW – before it is too late. If you wish to be considered to moot on behalf of the OULS this year, a selection day is being held mid-October, therefore these Mooting Workshops provide the vital knowledge and confidence that is required to submit your applications (further details of the selection day will follow).


For more information or to reserve your place at the Manchester or Edinburgh Mooting Workshops, contact


Written by:

James Sudworth – OULS  Chair


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