Notice of OULS Constitutional Amendment

In response to detailed analysis of the OULS Constitution, the incoming and outgoing committee voted to make a minor amendment to the OULS Constitution at the AGM on 31st March 2017, in order to allow the committee to make any required further amendments for the benefit of the society and its members in an appropriate manner. In summary the change allows constitutional amendments to be made at any general meeting of the OULS – i.e. either the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) – rather than being confined to the AGM is it currently stands. We see this as a minor and uncontentious matter as the stipulation of an EGM will still require us to put the matter to all of the members of the society but it will simply mean that we will be able to do so at other times of the year rather than the current regime which only gives one shot every year at a turbulent time when the old committee is handing over to the new.

The constitution which stands in its current format here, will be changed to the following wording in 28 days, on the 11th May 2017:



 The constitution – which sets governing principles – is superior and takes priority over any policy documents which exist to provide policies over the workings of the society. Policy documents may be amended with greater flexibility according to the needs of the Society, but the constitution may only be amended by this procedure.

This Constitution may be amended by resolution of any OULS General Meeting passed in accordance with the provisions set out below. A resolution of the relevant OULS General Meeting amending the Constitution shall be valid if:

  1. a) Notice of the nature of changes to the Constitution is given by circulating to all members, in a timely manner prior to the relevant OULS General Meeting, copies of the preliminary agenda containing motions to change the Constitution; and
  2. b) The resolution is carried by a two thirds majority of those voting, provided that the votes cast in favour of the amendment represent not less than one third of the total number eligible to vote.
  3. c) Deferred Implementation:

The OULS Committee may, at the request of the Treasurer, formally resolve that any proposed amendment to the Constitution or to policy documents, or any proposed motion, which has been tabled for discussion by relevant OULS General Meeting shall, if approved, not take effect until the start of the next succeeding financial year.

Any such resolution shall be reported to the relevant OULS General Meeting during the debate on the proposal concerned, and may be challenged immediately after the proposal has been carried.

Unless such a challenge is supported by at least two thirds of those present and voting, the incoming OULS Committee shall be entitled, but not bound, to postpone action on the decision for the rest of the financial year in which the decision was taken, in accordance with the Treasurer’s request.


If you have any arguable objection to the above change to the constitution, please do contact before 11th May 2017 to voice your concern. The OULS Committee voted unanimously to make the proposed change, however conscientious objections will be considered from all active OULS members. If an arguable point is raised, the committee will revisit the proposed change.


Written by:
James Sudworth – OULS  Chair


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