The Open University interviews Hashi Mohammed on Social Mobility in law – We need YOUR questions!

Hashi Mohammed

Social mobility in the legal sector is a subject that concerns many Open University students as they pursue their law degree. Whilst it is known that the majority of top judges and QC’s continue to come from privately educated backgrounds, we are told with hard work and persistence anyone can make it to the top.

But is this true?

Despite coming from a disadvantaged background himself, top barrister Hashi Mohammed believes others are unlikely to be able to follow in his footsteps no matter how hard they try. Not because they are any less able or less dedicated to succeed. Because, despite progress made in the push for diversity and open recruitment, the systems that underpin the legal profession continue to serve only the privileged few.

Hear Hashi Mohammed present BBC Radio 4’s documentary ‘Adventures in Social Mobilityhere, and read his Guardian article ‘Telling children ‘hard work gets you to the top’ is simply a liehere.

Your chance to be heard

The Open University will be interviewing Hashi Mohammed in an upcoming podcast on a number of topics which will interest many OULS members. The Open University have also requested that OULS members themselves send in any questions they want to put to Hashi, and make their voices heard.

So do you have any suggested questions for the podcast? Any experiences you would like to share, or insights you hope to gain?

Please send all question suggestions to for a chance to have your question selected to be a part of the Open University podcast!

Written by:
Joe Beet – OULS  Editor


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