From Open University to….Virtual University?

The Open University has always been at the forefront of technology use in education. All members of the OULS will have experienced the way in which, through online course or interactive media, new and innovative methods have been developed by the OU law school to better enhance our legal education. Could Virtual lectures and classrooms be the next step?

Students registered on W360 will soon be provided with virtual reality headsets and given the opportunity to experience presenting in a school setting using virtual reality. The opportunities this innovative and exciting new tech will bring to students will soon be revealed.

The Open University is trialing the VR headsets this month. We will be there to let you guys exactly what it’s all about!

So stay tuned, the future is coming!

Written by:
Joe Beet – OULS  Editor


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  1. Neil 2 years ago

    Was so looking forward to receiving these VR glasses. They look nothing like in this article.

    My studies have totalled about £16k with OU to be sent such a poor cheap so called head set.

    Had to hold it on my head as not even a strap to hold it on.

    Hang your heads in shame OU – such cheapskates!

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