OU Internal Moot Final – Supreme Court

We are very proud to release this lovely piece from ICLR Law Reporter and OU Law Tutor Jessica Giles, who created the moot problem for the ICLR Open University mooting Competition 2017 Grand Final.


The OU Law Society has carved out a place for itself as the team to beat in University mooting competitions. This rolls off the tongue quite easily but the effort required to gain this place has involved countless days on the part of OU students and alumni of careful and attentive training and preparation. There are hours or research, study and thought behind each minute of a mooting presentation and the students who take part are to be commended for their dedication to this.

 Having heard a number of OU teams compete (and win!) mooting competitions, it was a privilege and complete joy to be invited to create the mooting scenario for the internal OU student mooting competition before Lady Hale in the Supreme Court.

 Aware that standards were already high, my aim was to author a scenario that would stretch the students and give them a taste of what bar school would be like. Little did I know that Lady Hale would also stretch the student students with her questions. The competition was therefore doubly tough. As anticipated this gave the students an opportunity to shine – Lady Hale described their mooting as ‘terrific’ and explained how difficult it was to choose between them.

 Whilst no doubt the mooters will gain many accolades throughout their careers in law, it seems to me that one of the highest compliments they can expect to receive is Lady Hale’s assessment of their mooting  – what a wonderful reward for the excellent presentations they gave on a difficult topic built into a challenging moot scenario, under strenuous questioning. Well done OU mooters – I am really proud of you all.


Huge thanks go to Jessica for all of the help and support she has provided the OULS. We will forever be grateful.


James Sudworth – OULS News Editor



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