OULS Chair(s) win The Times 2TG Moot 2017!

The OULS has had some fantastic results over the past few years against other Universities. Current OULS Chair Peter Savory and Former OULS Chair Abigail Scott have both independently won competitions on behalf of the OULS, but this year they teamed up to take on hundreds of competitors in the largest competition of its kind, The Times 2TG Moot 2017 and proved to the UK that Open University Law School students can not only put up a fight, but can decimate the competition.

Abigail Scott and Peter Savory win The Times 2TG Moot 2017

Every team we were up against made extraordinary good advocates”.

Their prize was not only £4,000 between the two of them, but also the opportunity to take up a mini-pupillage at 2TG. Their victorious case of Harold Jones and George Davies v Clear Drains Ltd was centred around a drains company employee who cleared a dead bird from the gutter of a house, and in doing so caused a flood which lead to the demolition of the property.

“anyone serious about a career in the law, as either a barrister or solicitor, absolutely must try and get some advocacy experience on their CV” (and what a way to do so!).

The grand final was judged by Lord Hodge, the Supreme Court justice, former Court of Appeal judge Sir Richard Aikens, and the Court of Appeals Lord Justice Clarke, who particularly commended Abi.

“I would certainly recommend taking part in non-inter-varsity competition, but not because it’s better, or even that different. There is a certain pride in representing one’s university in an inter-varsity competition. But, I think it’s fair to say, that the non-inter-varsity competitions, like 2TG, Landmark, Francis Taylor Building, all concentrate on a broad [specialist] area of law. Whereas the inter-varsity competitions seem to cover many different things. So, for example, if you’re really keen on property law, then entering the Landmark Property moot would be a good idea!”


ICLR Open University Mooting Competition 2017

Both Peter and Abi have helped teach the key skills of mooting to OU members and have themselves participated as competitors in numerous mooting competitions over the years. Fresh on the heels of her Times 2TG win, Abi has also made her way to the grand final of the OULS’ very own Mooting Competition 2017 sponsored by ICLR and the UK Supreme Court Yearbook. Abi will join OULS competitors Farhana Begum, Llana Hirschberg and Anne-Marie O’Neil in the Grand Final at the Supreme Court on 6th March, judged by none other than UKSC Justice Lady Hale.

If Abi can win both The Times 2TG Moot 2017 and the ICLR Open University Mooting Competition 2017 in such quick succession, along with her plethora of previous mooting accolades, she will rank amongst the best mooters (if not ‘the best’) in the UK.

Read more about The Times 2TG Moot 2017 and this year’s application process here, and join in the footsteps of Peter and Abi.


Quotes provided by OULS Chair and The Times 2TG Moot 2017 winner Peter Savory

Written by James Sudworth – OULS News Editor



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