OULS Committee Benefits: Prestige, Power and a Diamond Encrusted Tiara…

Ok maybe the tiara is a little far-fetched. However, being a committee member has numerous advantages that are often overlooked by those uninterested in the positions. I for one was very hesitant about nominating myself to be a committee member, as I had only met a few members of the OULS, let alone committee members when election time came around. Would I really gain anything from the position? What if I could not commit enough of my already tight schedule? What if I didn’t get any votes and was rejected for all 3 roles that I applied for? Looking back on a successful year, all of the questions I asked myself were absurd. Not only did I get the 2 positions I really wanted (News Editor and News Reporter), but I met some amazing people along the way, networked with some very powerful people in the legal industry, improved my CV two-fold, and also had a fantastic time doing it all!

I have been working full time, as well as studying W202 and W203 full time, so I have not had a lot of free time to myself, yet the OULS has been understanding and never asks committee members to do more than they are able to. Everyone on the committee has very little time free, therefore whatever any of the committee members do is appreciated by everyone. Being a committee member has untold benefits for future challenges and adventures: for example, Amy Woolfson has gone on from being OULS Chair, to receiving a full scholarship to take the LL.M course at the prestigious Harvard University. Catherine Flint and present Vice Chair Fathi Tarada succeeded in winning their first ever joint moot for the OULS, before gaining scholarships for the BPTC, with Cat gaining a pupillage very recently. Fathi, we’re sure, will follow soon. Both would agree that their positions as a committee member and regular member within the OULS, have helped their onward careers greatly.

Not only do committee members help OULS members with questions they have about the course, their future careers, or whatever they have a grievance with, but we also receive invites to elite events at which we can learn. Only last year, the OULS committee was invited to a secret, non-publicised talk from Ed Milliband’s wife (and eminent barrister) Justine Milliband during the run up to the 2015 elections. We also have constant contact with law firms, universities and influential people, contacts which are invaluable to our future career advancement. Not only are committee positions a fun and exciting way to meet new people and have fun, but the positions are also incredibly valuable for the future.

If you would like to nominate yourself for a position, don’t be shy. You should only regret things in life that you do not do, not the things that you do, so put your fears aside and nominate yourself, or someone else for the position immediately!

Remember, you only have until 15th March at 11:59pm to do so! For more information on the roles available, please see more information HERE.


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