Scarily good fun at the OULS Halloween Party

Saturday 31st October was a busy day for the OULS. Not only did we host a great Internal Mooting Competition at the University of Law in Bloomsbury, but we also hosted a night of murder and mystery in one of Covent Garden’s premier underground venues, The Foundation Bar.

The evening’s host (myself, James Sudworth) was fashionably late for every part of the day, missing the Internal Mooting Competition by a not so impressive 5 hours (I still blame a faulty alarm clock) as well as arriving very late due to London traffic. If only I had ridden a ‘Boris Bike’ I would have made it on time. Despite my tardiness, I was not the last person to arrive by a long shot and the staff did an amazing job of delivering our food whilst we were all acting roles, out of our seats and generally being rubbish customers, so kudos to them (although my personal bar tab and tip definitely made up for this).

Everyone getting into character - some taking it more seriously than others!

Everyone getting into character – some taking it more seriously than others!

Getting everyone into character and trying to hear each other speak amidst the howl of the DJ’s beats was a mission in itself, but everyone put on a fantastic showing, and special thanks must go to those who took on the role of 2+ characters as those who needed to catch onward transportation left. By the end of the dinner, only a handful remained to try to work out ‘who dunnit’, with nobody guessing the murderer correctly: Gail Warning (played by Sarah Couling). Unfortunately nobody could therefore claim the prize of £1million and a Ferrari…oh well, c’est la vie!

A special thanks must go to our resident special effects guru Georgia Palmer for recreating scenes from The Walking Dead, by painting us in all colours of ‘zombie’. Georgia, we salute you and your amazing skills! If anyone has some images and videos from the evening (or the day’s mooting competition), please forward them to me at so that we can add them to our collection here. Thank you also to Peter Bell for taking so many of these photos!


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