The Law and finance!

Studying finance, banking law and investments as one of your specializations – it could be a great choice!

Bank interest or client’s interest? Important questions that you will face when you decide to take this topic as your specialisation.

Dear colleagues I would like to introduce you to a new interest of mine and the reason why it has become a subject which interests me, Financial Law. Not only financial law but also investments/ investments banking. Personally, I find it is very interesting! To understand the topic further I undertook a short course about Investment banking focusing on areas such as studying side things like: main areas of investment banking activity which included::

Capital markets – raising equity and debt capital, advisory – M&A and Restructuring services, trading and brokerage – trading with financial securities, asset management – the ability to use money to make more money.

To gain a better understanding on the topic I asked a few questions to one of the lawyers from a big law firm. Lukasz From Mayer I Brown. Below is the conversation between the two of us:

[AA: General question: is it right to ask lawyer what is good to buy for the future investment?]

[LN: I would say no, as they do not provide investment advice. They are not authorised by FCA to do so, on regular basis.]

[AA: I wonder about type of deals that lawyers are working on in terms of investment?]

[LN: I would say that this is a very broad question – my answer to this – all types of investments. As long as parties want to evidence them in form of transaction documents, lawyers should be involved.]

[AA: When you are working for investment institution are you representing regulation and policy more or you are dealing more with every day questions/problems/risk?]

[LN: there is no rule. It all depends on the issues facing the transaction parties]

[AA: As a solicitor can you have your own shares?]

[LN: Yes, in general, a lawyer can own shares, however, this may be subject to some regulations – code of conduct].

[AA: Can you have longer investment like lands/properties in another country?]

[LN: yes, you may]

For more details and information in regards to investment banking law firms please see the link below, It gives details about the work Lukasz and his firm Mayer I Brown delivers.

As a law student I am looking for a place and trying to gain as much insight as possible into all areas I could possibly specialise in. Personally I like to undertake at least one. I am highly recommending taking a minimum activity in order to make a choice on the area of law you wish to practice by yourself that is planned and well informed. Having just the basic information at your fingertips an access to basic information it will give you an idea insides about what you can expect from the profession. I really like the financial world because for me personally it means that you can have a work in for one of the best corporations in the world and one that is highly intellectual and has a wide variety of many different options.

Written By: Anna Augustyn


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