The results are in! 2019/20 committee revealed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for this year’s OULS committee, and to all our candidates. Don’t be put off if you have not been successful in obtaining a position on the committee, as we are always in need to passionate and determined volunteers to help run the society!

Here is the OULS committee that YOU have voted for! I hope you all join me in welcoming our new committee:

Chair: Sarah Couling

Vice Chair: Michael Linnane

Secretary: Elizabeth Walker

Treasurer: Mikko Tamminen

Systems Manager: Tymoteusz Paul

News Editor: Victoria-Jayne Scholes

News Reporters: Karen Evans & Laurie-Elizabeth Ketley

Officer for Scotland: Anna Augustyn

Careers Coordinator: Dave Ascough

Mistress/Master of the Moots: Harrie Austin-Jones

Our AGM will take place on Skype from 8:00pm on Friday 5th April.

Goodbye & Thank You

This has been yet another exciting year for the OULS, with everything from incredible mooting successes, legal walks and new and exciting initiatives. Our volunteers, lead by Michael, have worked tirelessly to serve our members in every way we can, and the new committee look poised to raise the bar even further!

Please join me in wishing the outgoing committee the very best in their future endeavours!

So on behalf of the outgoing 2017/2018 committee thank you all:

Chair: Michael Linnane

Vice Chair: James Sudworth

Secretary: Sarah Couling

Treasurer: Ann-Marie O’Neil

Systems Manager: Tymoteusz Paul

News Editor: Harriet Trevor-Allen

News Reporters: Anna Augustyn & Victoria-Jayne Scholes

Officer for Scotland: Lidia Dancu

Mistress/Master of the Moots: Abigail Hendon & Jennifer Wharton


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