The Results Are In!

The Open University results for exams and modules are now available!

It’s that time of year when your hard work through the year bares fruit. Whatever your results are, take a moment to congratulate yourself on making it through the year intact… Congratulations!

Whether you got the results you wanted, or feel that you could have done better, you may be wondering ‘what next?’

Continuing your degree?

Make sure you have registered for your next module if you haven’t already.  See your StudentHome page, for undergraduate modules, or for postgraduate modules.

For advice on picking your next modules, you should contact your Student Support Team on 01908 541063.

Not the result you were hoping for?

If you’ve failed, all is not lost. You may have an entitlement to re-sit. Should you not have heard anything from the Open University within 3 weeks of your result you should contact the open University Student Recruitment and Fees on 0300 303 5303. Just be aware that re-sit offers are only available for a limited period and timetables are non-flexible. Speak with your Student Support Team for more advice.

Should you have failed your module outright you may be entitled to retake the entire module at a reduced fee. Further information can be found at Whatever your result, please remember that it should not be something that causes you serious anxiety or stress. If you have any negative feelings, talk about them with other students, your tutor, the OU student support team or indeed us here at the OULS!

Calculating future degree classification possibilities

Calculating the overall degree classification that you can achieve after you have your results back for Stage 1 or 2 modules can be difficult. Perhaps you have not done as well as you thought you would, and have decided to try really hard in the final year. The good news is that you can probably attain a much higher grade than you thought, due to the heavily weighted final year scores, whoop! The way in which marks are allocated based on your module results can seem overwhelming and unintelligible to decipher, however a great little tool can help you get an approximate calculation of the grades you can hope to achieve at Stage 3 and for your overall degree classification. Please remember that this is an unofficial calculator, so take the results it provides with a grain of salt, however it saves calculating your potential classification using the official OU grading system, manually! Find the OU Degree Classification Calculator here.

The Future

Finished your studies? Time to take your knowledge into the big wide world! Take some time to check out the Open University Careers Service at or speak with our very own Sophie Terrington at

For now though, kick back and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!


Written by:

Joe Beet – OULS News Reporter

Joe Beet


James Sudworth – OULS News Editor



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