The rise of ‘Private’ Justice

Funding cuts

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On the 9th May 2018 the Private Prosecutors’ Association (PPA) was officially launched, arising from the fact that private prosecutions are becoming more frequent.

The chair of the newly launched PPA highlighted the growth in private prosecutions, and called for a much needed code of conduct for prosecution providers.

She said; “We anticipate further growth in this field, given the budget restraints faced by enforcement agencies and the police” adding “Against this backdrop it is more important than ever to ensure that private prosecutors work to the highest possible standards, and we look forward to publishing a code for private prosecutors later this year, to provide guidance for practitioners in this field.”

The rise in private prosecutions is thought to be linked to public funding cuts which have affected the states ability to investigate and enforce actions.

The code of conduct for private prosecutions is to be published in November 2018, and is hoped to bring professional consistency and an ethical standard to the practice.

Written by:
Joe Beet

Joe Beet


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