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The OULS has seen a recent influx in members over the last couple of months due largely to our affiliation and close relationship with the Open University Law School. The majority of our new members are students embarking on the first year of their LLB, at the start of their future careers in law. Accordingly, this article will showcase what the OULS as well as the Open University can do for members to help get the most out of your law degree, academically and socially.


The OULS’ mooting coordinators Gwyn Hopkins and Mark Baldwin are veteran mooters, well established across the national mooting circuit. They have helped OULS mooters gain numerous trophies, finals and deep runs all across the UK. After two very successful mooting workshops and a live selection event, in London and Edinburgh, they have hand-picked a strong line-up of OULS members to represent the Open University across the nation, commencing with round 1 of the OUP & BPP National Mooting Competition versus Oxford University. Keep your eyes on the Events Page for details of upcoming mooting events in January and our internal mooting competition during February and March, sponsored by the ICLR who are donating a year’s subscription to the Weekly Law Report Online to the winner. If you missed our previous events and want to join in, email mooting@ouls.org for more information on how you can get involved with legal research or watch our teams in upcoming moots.


Tom Bingham Essay Competition

As the brain-child of former chair and forever friend of the OULS, Amy Woolfson, the annual Tom Bingham Essay Competition provides OU students a unique opportunity to put their TMA writing skills to the test with a prize and coveted title up for grabs, perfect for your CV as well as bragging rights. The essay question is still being decided upon, but plenty of time will be given for applicants to submit their essays so ensure you have signed up to receive our newsletter so that you can be notified once the essay question has been released. We hope to provide applicants with approximately 1 month to write an exciting and interesting essay. The judge is yet to be confirmed, however another high profile member of the legal community similar to Cherie Booth or Shami Chakrabarti is sure to be selected.


Our very own Lidia Dancu is the OULS’ point of call for all Scottish students who have previously been under-supported by the various OU societies. Lidia has done a lot for Scottish students, heading the Edinburgh Mooting Workshop in September, and has her fingers in many pies, hoping to create a social environment for Scottish students to meet-up, chat and help each other during their studies. You can contact Lidia at scotland@ouls.org if you have any relevant questions.

Social Events

Our very own party animal James Sudworth has been heading up the social scene at the OULS for a few years now, and is always looking for ways in which to assemble OULS members outside of academic settings, to provide a setting in which ‘distance-learning’ students can interact in real life, and have all of the fun that campus based universities are famous for. If you wish to discuss potential locations for a social event, or just want to chat about life, please do contact james.sudworth@ouls.org.

Christmas Party 2016

As part of our social schedule, the OULS is hosting an amazing Christmas Party on 10th December at Manchester Central with an ‘Aspen Rocks’ theme. Tickets have been available for over a month now, however you still just about have time to book your seats. The final deadline has been extended by the venue to 15th October for full payment, after which seats cannot be guaranteed. This is set to be the event of the year and is an excellent opportunity to have a food and alcohol fuelled evening of socialising and festive fun with likeminded students. Please see here for more details, or contact james.sudworth@ouls.org to book your seat immediately.

Careers Advice

Our resident careers guru Sophie Terrington is always on hand with regular careers newsletters and articles which keep OULS members up to date with insider information within the legal industry. If you have any questions about future careers, extra-curricular activities that will highlight your CV, or if you just fancy a chat about her role as a barrister’s clerk, then members can contact her at sophie.terrington@ouls.org.


The OULS is lucky enough to have 3 members of the newsteam. News Editor James Sudworth and News Reporters Jamie Scott-Wright & Joe Beet are at hand to provide you with regular articles and newsletters addressing concerns and common queries that members have. As of November 2016, only active OULS members will be able to receive the newsletters, so please do ensure that your membership is up to date so that you do not miss any vital information about upcoming events or articles of interest. You can registers as an active member here. £5 is well worth the yearlong subscription, access to all of our events and links to various faculties within the Open University.

Social Media

The OULS social media team is on hand to provide instant updates and live access to all of our events, via Facebook and Twitter. Please like our pages and follow us for the latest updates, discussions and to act as a perfect forum to make new friends and study buddies with other OULS members.

All in all, membership of the OULS provides a unique service and opportunity to advance your studies, as well as providing an avenue to bridge the gap between distance and campus based learning. We are a volunteer and student run law society and each of the committee members have been elected to represent our members. Whilst committee members study and work full time, they are dedicated to answering any questions you may have and help you in any way possible. Full details of how you can contact individual committee members are available here. We wish you all the best in during your studies, and hope to provide you the support that you deserve on your quest for academic enlightenment.

Written by James Sudworth – OULS News Editor



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